Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter season

And now the best part of the year for nailart !!!

More to come ... Winter is not over ;)

Have a good night ladies :)

Halloween nails

I don't really like Halloween because I'm now too old to knock on doors for candies ... But I really like it for nail art :)

Water marble

My first one !!!
It's been hard but I thought it was pretty nice for a first time :)

It's been a while ...

Hey ladies !

It's been a while since we posted ! We're really sorry about that, Elo and I were so busy this year !
Anyway, now I'm back (hoping for Elo to post again soon)

Even if I didn't post for a long time, I didn't stop doing my nails ;)

Here are some of the nails I've done these last times ...