Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter season

Hi girls,

I've finally done my first winter nailart for my trip to Lapland.
I did it every year as it is very simple to do but always nice !
Can't wait to do some others !

Have a nice day girls !

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tape mani

Hey girls !

Even if the tape mani is not really hard to realize, I'm not really keen on it as I always end with a lot of tape stuck everywhere on me ...
But few days ago I was a bit board with my blue mani and wanted to change it quickly (was very tired so didn't have much time ...)
So I've just stick some tape here and there and after long (very long) minutes and few meters (...) of tape here's the result !
The pink wasn't covering enough but I pretty liked it.

I didn't keep it very long (one day I guess ...) because I wanted to try again ;)

So I've redone a tape mani and this time I'm pretty proud of me (as I didn't waste to much tape and it didn't take me hours !)

I really like these colors (even if usually pink isn't my favorite color ...) I guess it's because of the glitters ;)

Have a nice evening :)

Late Halloween nails

Hey ladies !

Forgot to show the last Halloween nailart I've done.
I found a great picture on Google and tried to reproduce it but it wasn't as great as I would.
A friend of mine even asked when did my 7 years old sister started to do my nails ...

Anyway ...

First picture : the original
Second picture : my original ;)

Have a nice evening ladies !

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween season

Hey ladies,

I'm so happy that Halloween season has finally arrived (one of the best nailart season to me - with Christmas of course !)

So I started doing my Halloween nails one week ago :)
I've already done these two designs :
1st one was done in the train to Paris so it's a bit shaky ... ;)
2nd one was a good excuse to try my two new polished bought at Sephora (in Paris ...) the dye effect and the "artypois" are so cool and working very well !

Hope you'll like them ;)

And you ? What's your favorite nail season ? What design have you done for Halloween ?


Friday, October 11, 2013

Birthday nails

Hey ladies !

Long time we haven't post !
Here are nails I've done for my birthday this summer
I was pretty proud of the result !

I'll post soon others ;)

Have a nice day !

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentines nails

Hey ladies !

With few days late, I can finally show you my valentines nails !
I was inspired by a lot of different pictures I found on google ...

I think the result is pretty cool ! I not very keen on little hearts and all these girly things ! But this time I found or nice !

And you ? What have you done for valentines day ?

Have a nice day girls !


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hey ladies !

Not much time to write but I just wanted to show you some nailart I've done these days ...

For the one who want, you can follow me on Instagram, I usually show my nails (among other things ... ;)

Have a nice day girls !