Monday, February 28, 2011

''Bogie'' Woogie

Hello dear readers,

I hope this week has started nicely for everyone. For the first manicure of the week I've chosen China Glaze - Bogie from the Vintage Vixen Collection. I have to say I wasn't trilled by that collection at the time it came out. I only got Bogie and Jitterburg. It feels like most of the colors of this collection have an old-fashion touch  (I guess that's why they called it Vintage Vixen... ahah) that I don't like so much.

Anyway, here's Bogie:

Outdoors - with flash
Outdoors - no flash

Outdoors - with flash
Of course the application was smooth, no problem here, thanks China Glaze. Bogie is a nice silver/eggplant frost that covers great in two coats.

There's absolutely no sun here today, it's only cold and windy so I wasn't abe to take a sunny pic, sorry about that gals.

What about you ? Did you enjoy the Vintage Vixen Collection ? Which polish was your favorite ?  Maybe I should give them a try ! ;)

Come back soon !

Friday, February 25, 2011


Hey there what's up ?!

I spent the evening with my best friend and guess what we did ??? That's right, painting our nails ! Oh yeah baby ! And look at what I found in her collection:

This is two coats of Essie - Lapis Of Luxury with OPI - Black Shatter. What do you guys think of this combo ? We think it's super pretty !

Have a nice evening and a happy week-end.

Come back soon !

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

''A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous'' - Gabrielle Chanel

Hello ladies !

I had a pretty lazy day today so I figured the less I can do was blogging ;) Today's swatches are Chanel - Kaleidoscope which was (correct me if I'm wrong) a fall 2008 limited edition. I have to say I don't usually buy Chanel polishes mostly because of the price (which is higher in Switzerland than in the need to say that's driving me crazy, it's a french brand for God's sake...) but also because the first Chanel polish that I bought (Black Satin: love it) was already thickening after a few uses, despite the thinner I added). But because Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld are for me the greatest designers ever I still be buying Chanel polishes...until I'll be able to afford to buy a Chanel handbag ;)

Anyway, I bought this one mostly because it was on clearance and it was the exams session so I needed a little treat for myself ;). I would describe this one as a green gold chrome with shimmers. I only needed two coats for full coverage, the application was flawless.

Take a look :

Outdoors - with flash

Outdoors - no flash

Outdoors - no flash
Yeah.... doesn't work for me... lol It seems to me that this color isn't really flattering my skin tone. Maybe this summer when I'll be tanned ?

I also made a little comparison for you guys. I used two coats of MNY (no name no number, sorry) and here's what it looks like:

Outdoors - no flash
From left to right: Chanel, MNY, Chanel, MNY

Outdoors - with flash
From left to right: MNY, Chanel, MNY, Chanel

Outdoors - no flash
From left to right: MNY, Chanel, MNY, Chanel
Can you tell which one is Kaleidoscope ? Feel free to click on the pics to see the details. The colors are pretty similar but the finish isn't. MNY seems to have small glitters in it that Kaleidoscope hasn't. MNY seems more gritty or something don't you agree ? Maybe with a coat of SV, MNY would like even more close to Kaleidoscope. Anyway, the application of this one was very good too so I would say if you can't find Kaleidoscope, MNY is an very acceptable cheaper alternative.

Do you own one of those polishes ? Do you like them ?

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Layered... twice ! * UPDATE *

Hey gals !

It's known for a fact that I get tired of a manicure really quickly... ahahah so here's what happens when I get bored: I try to recycle my actual mani if I don't feel like going through the whole manicure process.
That's exactly what happened today: I was wearing OPI - From Monop with Love! and decided to add a little something to it. I layered one coat of OPI - The Show Must Go On from the Burlesque Collection and here's the result:

Outdoors - with flash

Outdoors - with flash

Outdoors - no flash
What do you think ?

I'm not really sure to like TSMGO alone... Well let's face it, I'm not really sure to like it layered either. Do I only like cremes ? Imagining all the polish possibilities I'm missing is sooo frustrating ! ;)

Now guess what I did while writing this post ? I layered another polish on TSMGO... The lucky one was China Glaze - Mrs Claus which I don't really like alone either. I'm such a freak ! lol  Here's one coat of Mrs. Claus over all the other stuff :

As you can see the duochrome is now less apparent but the combo is really shiny. Those pics were taken indoors with artificial light 'cause it was already dark out there when I decided to do the layering experiment.

Is my mani getting worse ? Shoud I remove all the polishes and choose another one ? Can't wait to read your comments !

Take care,

Update: Now that it's sunny out there I took a few outdoors pics to show you how shiny the OPI - From Monop With Love/OPI - The Show Must Go On/ China Glaze - Mrs Claus combo is. I hope you'll like it !

No flash

No flash

With flash
Have a nice day everyone !

Monday, February 21, 2011

We finally get something that Americans don't ;)

Hello dear readers,

Today I have for you something special ! ;)

This is an OPI Monoprix Exclusive polish (Monoprix is a french retailer). This polish is called From Monop With Love! which I think is a cute name. Actually, I have to say that I bought this polish the other day when I was in south of France mostly because it's an exclusive polish and because of the name. Still the color is pretty but not unique. It's a deep red with a hint of pink in it... makes me think of raspberries.

The application was flawless as I expected from OPI's formula and it was opaque in two coats but I think I could have been good to go in only one if I had been more focused ;)

Bottle pic

Outdoors - with flash

By a window - no flash (maybe the most acurate pic)

By a window - with flash
How do you like this polish ? Do you ladies buy polish because of the name ? Or because it's an exclusive ou limited edition ?

Thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Caribbean Blue

Hey ladies !

Hope everyone is enjoying the end of the week ! Today I have for you a great blue polish: China Glaze - Caribbean Blue... AND a comparison.... AND a little nail art ! ;)

Let's start with the polish itself, shall we ? It's a pretty baby blue with silver shimmers. The application was flawless and it covered great in two coats.

Outdoors with flash

Pretty right ? Do you see the shimmers ? Here's a close-up:

And my sister was kind enough to do a little nail art on my tumbs:

How cute is that little panda ? I don't usually wear nail art but I can't resist this one ! Love it.

And as far as the comparison is concerned, I found out Essence - Pool Party in my stash and thought that it looks pretty similar to CB. I used two coats of each one and no base coat nor top coat.
From left to right: CB, PP, CB, PP

From left to right: CB, PP, CB, PP
Both Carribean Blue and Pool Party have the same silver shimmers but I think it's more apparent on PP because it's slightly darker than CB. PP also seems more teal than PP but they're still pretty similar though. Which one do you guys prefer ? I would say my favourite is PP 'cause it's more flashy than CB who looks more gray beside PP (does that make any sense for you ? lol).

Thank you for stopping by !

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A big step and a polish to go with it...

Hey there !

I'm so sorry for the lake of post lately... I've been quite busy ! I had my first job interview and I was pretty nervous (in Switzerland you have to do a two year internship after your studies to become a lawyer...) . Of course, I couldn't go without any polish on but I couldn't wear a bright polish in a law firm either so I chose a more work appropriate one... Here is OPI - Pink-ing Of You. It's a very sheer baby pink creme that needed three coats at least (I can still see some VNL). It's a cute color but I think that next time I'll choose a beige/nude polish instead. This one seems to pinky for me.

Indoors by a window

Outdoors with flash

So guys what do you think of this one ? Is it a keep or a pass ? I really need something bold and flashy after this manucure... Do you have to wear work appropriate polishes ? Or are you part of the lucky ones who can wear whatever they want ?

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hey ladies !

Hope everyone's fine ! I would like to show you yesterday's NOTE (Nails of the evening... 'cause I had chip wears really quickly). Here's Orly - Iron Butterfly which is a matte charcoal with silver shimmers from the Metal Chic Metallic Matte Collection.

I love this polish, it's so edgy, covers well in two coats, dries very fast, gorgeous with top coat (I've heard it's a dupe for OPI - Baby It's Coal Outisde, but I don't have that polish to compare...) and so on...The only bad thing is the wearing issue ! I haven't been able to wear it more than half a day.

(All the pics have been taken inside with artificial light)
Do you like matte polish ? Or does it looks weird ? I always choose matte polish when I'm in a hurry and need to get ready to go quickly (yes I'm the kind of girl who feels naked without polish on.... hello freak ! lol)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Orly - Mirror Mirror

Hey gals,

What's up ? Today it's sunny here in Switzerland so I've chosen a pastel for my NOTD: Mirror Mirror (from the Once Upon A Time Collection) is a light gray creme that covers well in two coats. I'm not sure if that color goes well with my skin tone but I love it anyway.

Outdoors - with flash

Outdoors - no flash
I would say that the accurate color is just in between the two colors shown on the pics... if that helps you... ;)

How do you guys feel about gray polish ? Are you tired of them or not yet ? 

I'm going out now, trying to enjoy a little bit of the sun !
Thanks for reading !

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Older Nail Art

Pink Tartan
Large pink stripes - Rouge Baiser - Rose Dragé
Double thin stripes - Nail Polish by H&M - Blue My Mind
Thin Stripes - Rouge Baiser - Fushia Ardent

Wierd Flowers
I tried to reproduce a nail art that I saw on but I'm not as good as the girl who's done it ... I only kept it approximatly 5 minutes !
French - China Glaze - Peachy Keen
Flower - Misa - Heaven White
Claire's - Two Way Nail Art - Black
Claire's - Two Way Nail Art - Pink
Leaf - Essence - Check Me Out
Blue Tartan
OPI- Toga-ta Get This Blue !
Nail Polish by H&M - Blue My Mind
Essence - Sundancer
Misa - Heaven White

Pink Strawberry

Rouge Baiser - Rose Dragé

Essence - Check Me Out

OPI - Fiercely Fiona

Misa - Heaven White

Layering experiment

Hi gals,

How is everyone ? The week-end has started really quitely for me, I'm not really doing anything, just relaxing and chilling now that the exams are done.

Anyway... tonight I'm going to a dinner with my law school friends (boys only...lucky me !) and I wanted a little bit of sparkle or something on my nails... So I layered one coat of Orly - Space Cadet over my current mani (OPI - William Tell Me About OPI) and here's the result:

The duochrome effect isn't so visible on my pics but in real life it's gorgous, I can't stop looking at my nails ;)
I haven't worn Space Cadet alone yet so I can't compare but I quite like it layered.

Do you guys own Space Cadet ? It was a 2010 must have but I didn't order it at the time, I was not sure if I was really going to like it. Now I'm really glad my lovely sis found it in Switzerland (which is a little miracle !) and bought it. ;)

Have a nice week-end !

Friday, February 4, 2011

Last exam day

Finally ! The exams are officially over ! I will have more time to blog and do some swatches ! ;)

For my last exam I was wearing one of my favourite polish EVER : OPI - William Tell Me About OPI (yeaaah Swiss collection, thanks OPI to think about our small country which people tends to be more and more polishes-attracted these days...)

I know the color isn't unique but I can say this polish is one of my favourite 'cause I can wear it more than 2 days in a row without getting tired of it ! Let's just say I can't say such a thing about many polishes...

It applies like a dream in two coats. Isn't that color gorgeous ? I love vampy colors ! They're so chic and rock, they go with every outfits... You can never go wrong with those <3

What is your favourite polish trend/style ?

Thanks for stopping by !