Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tribal nails

Hey girls,

I've been sick last week, and what on earth can cure me up better than nail art ?! Nothing !!!

So I had all day to do something nice on my nails :)

After spending 4 hours (...) searching for a cool nail art to do, I found it on SupaNails ( !

Mine is not as great as the one on this SupaBlog but for a first time is pretty good !

Usually it is "easy" to do some stripes but this time my hands were shaking like I was cold ... It's maybe due to the sickness ...

Anyway, I'll retry :)

Have a wonderful evening ladies :D


Valentine's nails

Hello ladies,

With one day late, here is my Valentine's nail art.

It's not very clear but the little hearts are neon purple and neon pink.
I'm pretty proud of it, even if it's not very regular ...

Hope you girls had a nice Valentine's day :) (I do ;)

See ya

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Totally not a winter nail art ...

It's me again ...

I didn't know what to do on my nails today (as mentioned before), the only thing that I knew is that I want to go to bed quickly ...
A sponge mani is pretty fast so I totally improvised a sponged french ...

Yes ... well ... Let's have a look on what I've done ...
It couldn't be that bad if we were in summer !
But, as you probably know, at this moment in Central Europe it's freezing !
At the end of the week it will be -15C in Switzerland ... and not on the top of the mountain ... in my city, 400m over the sea ... It's like snowmaggedon in here !!!
Well, I think my nails aren't really appropriate ... maybe they will make the sun reappears sooner than expected !

Anyway, now I'm tired ...

Have a good night girls


Cindy : the return !

Hello ladies !
I was reaching the web to find out what to do on my nails today and SUDDENLY, I remember "Gosh ! I'have got a blog !!! Sure there's some awesome pics on it !"
As fast as I remember I have a blog, I remember I haven't post any (awesome or not) picture on it for a veeeeeeeeery long time !
First of all, I think you deserve some excuses. I even cannot remind me last time I posted on the blog.
Anyway, I'll try to post more often :)
But even if I don't post, I keep doing my nails ... so I have a lot of pictures (good or bad quality) to show you !
So here there're some of them ...
Mauve polish with white dots and a handmade pink bow ... Very girly, not exactly my style but I did like it :)

A nail art I found randomly on the web ... and I tried to reproduce.
Honestly I was a bit disappointed when one of my colleague told me "How cute are these little ghosts !"
GHOSTS ???? Really ?! It's -5C° outside and the first thing you say when you see my nails is "ghosts" ?!?!?!

First try of the "Nail fashion sticker" from Essence. They last for 5 days. They were great and not expensive.

My New Year nails ! A gradiant with two different gold glitter polishes.
I didn't have lot of time to do my nails at this period of the year but I tried to do some champagne glasses ... That's not my best nail art ever but I liked it ... It was party time !!!
(My thumb has a really wierd shape on this picture ... :-S)
It's over for today !
Soon I'll post more, but for the time I have to find what to do on my nails ... I'm totally bored of my white plain french ...
See ya !