Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chicago...and one Luxeffects !

Hello dear followers,

I'm really sorry I've been such a bad bloggers for the past weeks. I'm currently in Chicago after a week in Miami and a week in NYC. I've been in Chicago for 2 and half weeks now and I absolutely love the city. I'm taking some english classes in case you were wondering what the heck I am doing so far from home.

Today I went to an amazing beauty supply store.... They have a TONE of nail products, from treatments to nail polishes. They sell Essie, OPI, China Glaze, Color Club and some other brands. Oh and the best part about the store ? The prices !!! Essie and OPI nail polishes are only 4.75 dollars ! And they have all the new collections. Two words: Polish Heaven !

I've already been there once (like 2 weeks ago) and they got new products since then. Today, I was able to find the new Essie Luxeffects collection ! I only picked one of the 5 colors: Shine of the Times which is, from the swatches I've seen, pretty similar to Nubar - 2010 and its dupes.

On the next pictures I'm wearing two coats of OPI - Road House Blues (from my first trip to the store) and one coat of Essie - Shine of the Times. I really like this combo. Let me know if you like it too or if there another color I should try SotT on.

I'm sorry about the bad cleaning, I don't have all my cleaning stuff so it's a bit tricky to get a perfect mani.... (that's also one of the reasons why I've been so absent lately, I didn't want to put some bad swatches on the blog...but I can't wait to show you what this Luxeffects looks like!).

Pretty, huh ?! I'm sure my sister will be really happy about this new addition to our stash... Aren't you babe ?

If any one of you lives in Chicago, feel free to send me an email if you want to meet for coffee and, why not, go crazy in that amazing store (Btw, the address of the store is 4925 North Broadway Street).

I wish you all a very nice evening/morning and I'll talk to you soon.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hello ladies,

I'm so very sorry for the lack of post lately. As you may know, I'm on holiday right now. I'm currently in Miami (where it has been raining since I arrived). I'm in my hotel room, painting my nails (in Revlon - Royal Cloak) and blogging after a day at the mall (Aventura Mall for those of you who know what I'm talking need to say I'm exhausted !).

I will probably start blogging on a regular basis in 10 days, when I'll be in Chicago (where I'll be staying for 6 weeks. Hope you will still be there ;)

Anyway, if there's any of you who lives in Miami, feel free to send me an email if you wanna have a coffee in SoBe... and of course go polish shopping !

Take care,

Saturday, October 1, 2011 Orange and Papaya Punch (sounds like a tasty cocktail !)

Hey ladies,

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I've been quite busy. 

See, I planned my vacation in the USA (in Miami and NYC) as you may know...but I've changed my mind and decided to stay in the USA until mid-december to take some legal english classes.  For the last 2 weeks, I've been trying to decide  in which city I should take the classes and I've also been looking for a school and a place to stay. 

So after a lot of reflexion (!), I've decided to go to...CHICAGO ! I've never been there so I don't really know what to expect but I've heard that it's a great city. 

Anyone from Chicago ? I would definitely need some tips (feel free to send me an email over at: ! I'm really excited about this new adventure and I can't wait to be in the US.

Anyway... I bet you're here to see some polish not to read about my life ;) So here it is: I have for you today 2 polishes from my B-day swap with my friend Olivia. She picked up China Glaze - Papaya Punch for me because she saw it was on my wish list and she also picked up another orange polish which is Wet 'n Wild - Orange which is a sheer glass fleck orange polish.

I used 2 coats of PP and one coat of Orange for this mani. I think it's super pretty for summer or as a base for an Halloween mani (another thing I'm über excited about: to be in the USA during Halloween ahahah). Have a look:

So what do you think of this combo ? Can you think of another polish I should use as a layering base for ? Is there any of you who went abroad to learn a foreign language ? Please share your experience !

Thanks for stopping by 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

1st gradient attempt

Hello ladies,

What's up ? What are you plans for this weekend ? Do share ! I hope you guys are going to have more fun than me... I'll probably be staying at home watching TV during this rainy weekend...

After seing a lot of gradient mani all over the internet I thought I had to give it a try although I'm not that good at nail art. For this 1st attempt I used Essence - Trust In Fashion which is a dark green creme (pretty similar to Jade Is The New Black as I can recall). I only needed 2 coats, the application was amazing.

Then, I sponged the edge of my tips with another Essence: Can't Cheat On Me, a (very discrete) silver holo. Finally, I added a coat of Essence - Space Queen (which is a clear based polish with holo glitters) on the silver sponging.

Here is what I ended up with:

And here are the polishes I used for this mani:

Trust In Fashion - Can't Chear On Me - Space Queen

I have to say I'm pretty happy with the result. I will have to try some other combos really soon. Any cool color ideas ? Have you ever tried the gradient mani ? Any tips on how to emprove my mani ?

Thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Catrice... but one that I love.

Hey everyone,

Today I have a gorgeous polish for you guys ! I don't feel really good right now, I'm probably getting the flu or something but I really have to post before bed. My NOTD is another Catrice polish.... but a polish that I actually love this time. Here's Dirty Berry, a dusty purple with holo particles ! Depending on the light, it appears more gray, periwinkle or even a bit blue. This polish is gorgeous. Look !

Feel free to enlarge the pics for more details. I'm sure you guys will love this one. It's a great fall polish in my opinion because of its dustiness.

Talk to you guys soon. I'm gonna take some meds before sleep. :(

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I dislike Khaki Perry

Hey everyone,

A quick post before bed to show you a polish that I...don't like ! lol My dad bought like 14 Catrice polishes for my sister and I on our b-days and he got us some polishes from the new collection Moderne Muse. One of them is Khaki Perry (love the name !), a mix between khaki, gray and gold. If you like frost finish and brush strokes this one is for you. The formula wasn't so bad, I used 2 coats. 

Now tell me if I'm wrong but I don't think it's a nice/flattering polish:

Thoughts on this one ? Have you tried some polish from the Moderne Muse collection ? What kind of color are you going to wear this fall ?

That's it for today,
Have a nice day/evening.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Feelin' (not so) hot hot hot

Hey guys,

I just woke up from a little nap and I thought it was about time to post my mani. Today I'm wearing OPI - Feelin' Hot Hot Hot, a polish that one of my dear friend brought from the US for me. I don't have any Barbie pink in my collection so I'm pretty happy with this one. The application was perfection, 2 coats to reach opacity.

And to had a little twist to my mani I decided to use of those Sally Hansen Salon Effects real polish strips in Girl Flower that I got in Dionela's giveaway. I've never tried these so I wasn't ready to wear them as a full mani 'cause I was afraid I would ruin them with my shity application. lol

The application turned out quite well and I managed to use only one strip for 2 accent nails. 

Here's the final result:

I love the flower pattern, it's so pretty. I'm definitely going to buy some others in the States ;) (yeah of course we don't have Sally Hansen here... What do we have you may ask ? Well Overpriced OPI and Essie, some Orly if you're lucky and that's about it for american brands...)

Anyway, I'm off now, my lovely sis brought me Orly - Fowl Play and I can't wait to try it any longer ;)

Have a nice Sunday you all.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Peachy Keen

Hey everyone,

How are you doing ? Almost the end of the week... what are your plans for the weekend ?

One of my favorite polish of the summer this year was China Glaze - Peachy Keen from the Up And Away collection. I rocked this one a few times on my tips and on my toes too (well not at the same time, I don't like matchy-matchy...).

Here's 2 coats of Peachy Keen:

As I've already mentionned it, Up And Away was an amazing collection in my opinion. Which color was your favorite of the bunch ? I have to go with Re-fresh Mint !

I'm really looking forward to fall colors right now. I can't wait to get my hands on the Touring America collection by OPI. From the swatches I've seen, this collection will probably be my favorite of the year. I'm a sucker for dark color and corals creme polishes. I'm definitely going to look for at least half of the collection in October ;)

Thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trophy Wife + Accropolish 150 follower giveaway winner !

Hey there,

How are you doing ? I've been enjoying those really hot days (finally it feels like it is summer). I can't believe it's almost September. I don't want summer to be over...but on the other hand if it's almost September, it means that it's almost October... and guess where we are going in October ? That's right, we're going to the US ! Can't wait...

Anyway... today I have a lovely polish for you that one of my best friend brought me back from the US. How nice of her ? She's not a polish nerd at all but she chose a really pretty polish for me. The polish I'm talking about is Essie - Trophy Wife (she also picked up OPI - Feelin' Hot Hot Hot which is great because I really needed a Barbie pink in my stash).

Trophy wife is a green teal with blue shimmer. The application was perfect, only needed 2 coats.

And now about the giveaway.... I know a lot of you are dying to know who won... It was a lot of work going through all the entries so we were not able to announce the winner sooner. Sorry about that...

The winner of Accropolish 150 follower giveaway is :

Mama Gavone 

Congrats to her and thanks to all of you for entering and commenting !

Thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Electric pineapple

Hey ladies,

So today I have for you the first polish I've tried from my swap with Olivia: China Glaze - Electric Pineapple from the Island Escape collection (I've also tried China Glaze - Papaya Punch from the same collection on my toes... but don't worry I won't show you my feet ! lol). EP is one of those weird (some call them ugly) colors but I don't care, I'm in love with it ! It's absolutely gorgeous and I like to think of it as a edgy color. 
The application was fine, a little bit watery. I only used 2 coats and I think the coverage is fine.

Outdoors (in the shade) - with flash

Outdoors (in the sun) - no flash

Look how it matches my bracelets !
I really love this yellow green creme. I'll definitely wear this one a lot (which is pretty rare for me who don't wear a polish more than once) 'til the end of summer and maybe even in fall too ;)

What do you think of this one ? I'm really happy Olivia picked up this one for me because I always wanted to wear OPI - Fiercely Fiona and OPI - Who The Shrek Are You ? but never did because I only have the mini bottle and I hate their brushes ;) She filled up my craving for weird color ! Thanks girl ! 

Thanks for stopping by ! And don't forget to let me know in the comment box which is your all time favorite weird color !

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday swap

Exciting news everyone !

Yesterday I received an awesome package from my friend Olivia. Isn't the cutest package ever ?

A few months ago we planned on doing a birthday swap for our birthdays which are on the 4th and 19th August. The chosen products were a surprise.... but she totally nailed it ! The products are PERFECTION ! Everything she chose for me is amazing. Funny how she chose things I would have bought for myself when I'll be in the States.

I'm pretty sure all of you are curious to see what I got in this swap so here are the pics:

This is the first thing I saw when I opened up the package:

Isn't it the sweetest thing ever ?! 

Now onto the goodies:

She chose some of her favorite candies and some of mine. Yummy !
I was dying to try some Bath and Body works products and I absolutely adore the ones she picked up for me. 

Here's the list of the B&B Works products:
  • Candles: S'mores, Leaves and Woodland Berry
  • PocketBac: Marshmallow treat, Bag of grapes, Leo (ahahah love !) and Warm  vanilla sugar.
  • Spray: Warm vanilla sugar
  • Lotion: Warm vanilla suga
The makeup stuff:
  • NYC Lipstain: I always wanted to try a lipstain, I'm so glad she added one !
  • Maybelline Colorsenational lipbalm: looks like jelly !
  • Wet 'n Wild trios: both are amazing ! She picked a neutral one (which will be perfect for my job interview on Thursday !) and a bright one (which I'm wearing right now and let me just say, it's absolutely gorgeous !)
And now the polishes and nail stuff:
  • China Glaze - Electric Pineapple (from my wishlist !)
  • China Glaze - Papaya Punch (from my wishlist !)
  • Zoya - Gemma (from my wishlist !)
  • Sally Hansen HD - Pixel Pretty
  • Wet 'n Wild - Orange (+ top coat duo)
  • Pure Ice crackle - Strike a pose...pretty blue !
  • Brodway nails: French tip and zebra fake nails
And she added a cute peace rubber bracelet which matches perfectly my A&F polo !

How amazing is that girl ?! It's like she read my mind ! So thank you very much Olivia and I hope you'll love what I've sent you as much as I do love what you chose for me ! <3

Make sure to go follow her blog and subscribe to her YT channel.

I'll be swatching those amazing polishes really soon so stay tuned !
Have a nice day

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sand Francisco

Hey everyone,

How are you doing ? I hope everyone had a great week-end. I surely did. Today I have a new Catrice polish for you. This one is called Sand Francisco. I only needed 2 coats to achieve perfect coverage. The application was pretty good. I'm not sure that color is a great match with my skintone...

With flash

No flash

Do you see the golden shimmer ?

I'm pretty tired right now so that's it for today. Let me know what do you guys think of this one ! Definitely not my favorite color...

Thanks for stopping by

Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday Babes

Hey ladies,

How are you doing ? Sorry I haven't post yesterday.... I got a little bit busy. It was my birthday actually and I wanted to show you my mani ;). 

Of course, I neeeded some glitters so I used OPI - Glow Up Already! from the Burlesque collection...but not for a full mani (sorry can't stand the removal part...) for my accent fingers. The other color is China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint which I absolutely adore. This color is just perfection. This is 2 coats of Re-Fresh Mint and 3 coats of Glow Up Already!

As far as my presents are concerned, my awesome dad got me some Catrice polishes so you'll see some swatches soon ;)

Today is also my lovely sister's B-day so...


She'll probably be posting some of her nail art soon ;)

Anyway, that's it for today !
Thanks for stopping by ladies,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Neon Yellow

Hey everyone,

Don't you feel like wearing a neon today ? Well I do ! And I found the perfect polish to match my yellow tank top. Next is 2 coats of American Apparel - Neon Yellow (with a top coat as the polish dries to a semi-matte finish). I love the color so much, it's the exact same color as your regular yellow highlighter pen.

This is also the perfect summer color. I love me some neons. One thing I don't like is sticky formula...and this polish is sticky as hell. But if you're careful, you can achieve a pretty decent application. I'm a not a huge fan of the brush either. It's too long in my opinion which makes the application less precise.

Here are the shots:

Do you have a favorite neon nail polish ? Let me know !

Now about the 150 follower giveaway, don't worry we will annouce the winner but we have to go through all the entries and verify each of them. Please be patient ! ;)

That's it for today. I promise I'll post tomorrow. ;) 
Talk to you soon

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy 1st of August !

Hey there,

Just a quick post before going to bed to show you my mani of the day. August 1st is the national day here in Switzerland so I chose to rock a very patriotic mani.

This is 2 coats of Deborah Lippmann - My Funny Valentine. The white cross on my accent fingers were done by my lovely sister using some tape. I added a coat of matte top coat on my ''flag''.

I went to the beach (my city is right next to a lake) with some friends to see the fireworks and have some drinks. I can never get tired of fireworks. How could you not love fireworks ? 

What do you think of my NOTD ? Fortunately the swiss flag isn't too complex ;) What is the national day like in your country ? Do you have fireworks too ? And when is it ?

Have a nice evening/day you all.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

How cool ?!

Hey there, 

How are you doing ? Just a quick post to let you know that we are trilled to be featured on American Apparel Website. Well actually only C. is doing the nail art here, so all the credits go to my lovely sis. Congrats sweety ! 

If you wanna check her mani using one of AA neon polish go to the American Apparel website.

Nail post tomorrow ! And don't forget to enter our giveaway ! 

Have a nice evening,

Monday, July 25, 2011

One coater ahead !

Hello ladies,

How are you doing ? It's freezing out there you have no idea ! I'm all into dark polish these days. Seems like fall is already here. :( The good news is that I have a ONE COATER for you today ! The application was flawless.  And the color is absolutely GORGEOUS ! 

The polish I'm talking about is no other than H&M - Envy Me. Here are the pics:

Look at that amazing teal flash ! What do you think ? Pretty huh ?! Have you tried some H&M polishes ? They're really good quality polishes. Do you have a favorite one I should try ? Let me know !

Take care and have a lovely week !