Monday, November 18, 2013

Tape mani

Hey girls !

Even if the tape mani is not really hard to realize, I'm not really keen on it as I always end with a lot of tape stuck everywhere on me ...
But few days ago I was a bit board with my blue mani and wanted to change it quickly (was very tired so didn't have much time ...)
So I've just stick some tape here and there and after long (very long) minutes and few meters (...) of tape here's the result !
The pink wasn't covering enough but I pretty liked it.

I didn't keep it very long (one day I guess ...) because I wanted to try again ;)

So I've redone a tape mani and this time I'm pretty proud of me (as I didn't waste to much tape and it didn't take me hours !)

I really like these colors (even if usually pink isn't my favorite color ...) I guess it's because of the glitters ;)

Have a nice evening :)

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