Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Totally not a winter nail art ...

It's me again ...

I didn't know what to do on my nails today (as mentioned before), the only thing that I knew is that I want to go to bed quickly ...
A sponge mani is pretty fast so I totally improvised a sponged french ...

Yes ... well ... Let's have a look on what I've done ...
It couldn't be that bad if we were in summer !
But, as you probably know, at this moment in Central Europe it's freezing !
At the end of the week it will be -15C in Switzerland ... and not on the top of the mountain ... in my city, 400m over the sea ... It's like snowmaggedon in here !!!
Well, I think my nails aren't really appropriate ... maybe they will make the sun reappears sooner than expected !

Anyway, now I'm tired ...

Have a good night girls


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