Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big Nails ?!

Hey ladies !

I hope you are all doing fine and enjoying those summery days ;). I've just written the conclusion of my master thesis so I figured the next best thing to do is blogging ! I'll give my thesis to my teacher tomorrow morning, let's hope he will be happy with it.

So, today I have for you a polish I'm sure you have seen a zillion times but I'm gonna show it to you anyway ! lol This is one of the famous ''sorbets'' from OPI's Texas collection. OPI's people are fools if they think we didn't notice that those polishes were actually jellies. It's not like they came out with something new here...

At first, I was a bit meh about those sorbets but the more swatches I've seen the more I was getting into those. My favorite is definitely Big Hair... Big Nails and that's exactly the one the lovely Olivia got me for our first swap. I'm so glad she did because I LOVE this polish. It's just perfect for spring/summer. It's really bright and glossy. This is like an orange red with some drops of pink in it and it looks even better on me now that I got some tan during my express trip to the South of France this weekend.

Stop talking, let's get into the pics. This is 3 coats of BHBN (I don't usually like to do more than 2 coats but with this baby it's no big deal at all, drying time was fast and because of the thin forumla you don't have to worried about the bed sheets marks).

Outdoors (in the sun) - no flash

Outdoors (in the shade) - no flash
What do you think about those OPI jellies (I can't call them sorbets..) ? Are you a fan of jelly polish in general or do you hate VNL ? I don't like VNL but for some reasons I don't care about them when it comes to jellies. Do you recommand other jellies from the Texas collection ?

Have a great evening everyone
Talk to you soon


  1. Good luck on your thesis! Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for the Kreativ Blogger Award!


    hahaha thanks for the mention girl <3
    hope you ace that thesis! :D

  3. Super pretty, I've been looking for a coral shade like this one <3

  4. J'adore les sorbets! et cette couleur est super jolie

    PS je suis aussi une bloggeuse suisse ;D


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