Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hello ladies !

I know it's been a while I haven't post but I'm not jobless anymore :D
So I have less time to do some nail art, and because of my job I almost stopped putting on funky colors on my nails ... Only red, pink, orange ... And of course I can't do too much nail art ... I'm so sad about that but I have a great job so I deal with it :)

Anyway, to forgive me, here are some nail arts you haven't seen ...

A soft pink mani with blue flowers and with dots.

Here is one of my favorite color and it is a neon !!! It's a Claire's polish that a friend of mine brought me back from the USA. It's named Flashy. In the dark it's purple and in the light it's pink ! I LIKE IT !!!

A mouse eating my cheese finger :)

Except that it is a fuzzy mouse because of the top coat ... I haven't waited enough time !

My first butterfly wing nail art on a sponged gradiant !

A sponged gradiant and pink/purple flowers.

That's it for the time but I promise to post more often :)



  1. gorgeous! I love all of the sponged gradients, especially the monarch butterfly!

  2. AWESOME nail art!! I wish I was that artistic hahaha

  3. I LOVE the mouse eating the cheese! Super cute! This post goes into my inspiration folder :)


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