Sunday, May 29, 2011

Those numbers are impossible to remember...

Hey there,

What's up ? So today I have for you another Kiko polish. This is n° 346 (called Verdone Chiaro by Kiko) and it was missing on the haul pic, I totally forgot to put it in the pic. Anyway this is one of my favorite color from the bunch: a kakhi creme with a little bit of blue in it. My mom calls it celadon i that makes any sense to

Again, the application was flawless, 2 coats, perfect coverage. I love those Kiko brush too. Not as wide as OPI's but wider than China Glaze's, they make the application very easy I think.

Outdoors - with flash

Outdoors - no flash

Any opinion on n° 346 ? I don't have kakhi polish in my stash so I was really glad my sis picked this one up. Do you like kakhi polish or do you think their too fall/winter ?

Have a nice sunday you guys


  1. Very nice. I didn't know there were names for Kiko polishes, just numbers. Or do you get them from their website or something?

  2. @marox79: yes the name is from the Kiko website but I think it's rather a color description than a real name

    @Olivia: I think so too !

  3. really pretty polish, i have one similar color from Misa


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