Saturday, September 17, 2011

1st gradient attempt

Hello ladies,

What's up ? What are you plans for this weekend ? Do share ! I hope you guys are going to have more fun than me... I'll probably be staying at home watching TV during this rainy weekend...

After seing a lot of gradient mani all over the internet I thought I had to give it a try although I'm not that good at nail art. For this 1st attempt I used Essence - Trust In Fashion which is a dark green creme (pretty similar to Jade Is The New Black as I can recall). I only needed 2 coats, the application was amazing.

Then, I sponged the edge of my tips with another Essence: Can't Cheat On Me, a (very discrete) silver holo. Finally, I added a coat of Essence - Space Queen (which is a clear based polish with holo glitters) on the silver sponging.

Here is what I ended up with:

And here are the polishes I used for this mani:

Trust In Fashion - Can't Chear On Me - Space Queen

I have to say I'm pretty happy with the result. I will have to try some other combos really soon. Any cool color ideas ? Have you ever tried the gradient mani ? Any tips on how to emprove my mani ?

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  1. I think the mani came out amazing!!!

    I don't know what the gardient mani is though.. lol

  2. @Nail Designs xox: lol thanks for correcting my mistake ! There is probably a lot of them in my posts...

  3. this is seriously the best gradient attempt i have seen great job:)

  4. I love them all together! Very nice :)

  5. OMG oh yah! This is so great! My first attempt was HORRIBLE! Love this! Seriously perfect! The colors are awesome.

  6. This is great for a 1st attempt... mine was not nearly as nice :P

  7. Thank you ladies, I'm glad you liked my mani ;) Stay tuned for another gradient ! xxx

  8. This is a great first gradient, or second or third (if it were) for that matter lol!

  9. Looks great to me! I keep meaning to try a sponge gradient but never quite seem to get around to it.

  10. I love this mani! It looks gorgeous!


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