Sunday, September 4, 2011

Feelin' (not so) hot hot hot

Hey guys,

I just woke up from a little nap and I thought it was about time to post my mani. Today I'm wearing OPI - Feelin' Hot Hot Hot, a polish that one of my dear friend brought from the US for me. I don't have any Barbie pink in my collection so I'm pretty happy with this one. The application was perfection, 2 coats to reach opacity.

And to had a little twist to my mani I decided to use of those Sally Hansen Salon Effects real polish strips in Girl Flower that I got in Dionela's giveaway. I've never tried these so I wasn't ready to wear them as a full mani 'cause I was afraid I would ruin them with my shity application. lol

The application turned out quite well and I managed to use only one strip for 2 accent nails. 

Here's the final result:

I love the flower pattern, it's so pretty. I'm definitely going to buy some others in the States ;) (yeah of course we don't have Sally Hansen here... What do we have you may ask ? Well Overpriced OPI and Essie, some Orly if you're lucky and that's about it for american brands...)

Anyway, I'm off now, my lovely sis brought me Orly - Fowl Play and I can't wait to try it any longer ;)

Have a nice Sunday you all.


  1. Oui, pareil que A Polished Touch, tes ongles sont super jolis et j'adore ce rose! Et l'accent nail avec le strip Sally Hansen est magnifique!!

  2. wow, this really is a nice combi! :) so cute!
    and I love your nails!
    perfect short nails are so much prettier than everything else, I think!!

  3. Super cute manicure!

  4. @A Polished Touch: Thank you so much, you're too sweet !

    @Nailderella: merci beaucoup ! Ces strips sont plus faciles à utiliser que ce que je pensais. Il faut que j'en achète d'autres :)

    @Olivia: thanks hon ! <3

    @Danny: I used to hate my short nails and to only bare them with a nude pink on them... Thanks for the compliment ! ;)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: Thanks girl !


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