Thursday, January 20, 2011

Exam Day 2: Extravagance

Hey there !

Today was another exam day so I chose another law school appropriate polish (boring I know...). Anyway here's OPI - DS Extravagance which is actually one of the first OPI I bought way back when I was in the US on vacation about two years ago. That's the time when the addiction began...

An attempted blurry pic to show the sparkles
Oh and guess what I found today ? Chanel polishes on clearance.... Can you guess which one I bought ? No, it's not Riva... I can't deal with 4 coaters... Clue: It's a fall 2008 limited edition... Swatch coming soon ! ;)


  1. Law school appropriate? You are in law school too?

    I'm in law school and I wear crazy nails all the time! LOL!

  2. Yes I'm in law school in Switzerland, last year, business law. And you ? Are u studying in the US ?
    I wear crazy nails too but not for the exams ;)


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