Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I really need to share my frustration with you right now...

I was on the Zoya website looking at all those beautiful shades when I found out that there is a polish which is named like me. Great right ? Well, not so great... the thing is Zoya doesn't deliver outside the US. Boohoohoo... :(

I really need to find a way to get this polish (and I love the color too... corals are my thing, it isn't just about the name !)

Anyway here's the polish:

Can you guys guess which one is this ? And do you have a Zoya polish which is named exactly like you ?


  1. No Zoya with my name, not yet anyway. I've had great experiences swapping for polishes I can't buy here, so I bet you will be able to get this one that way. :)

  2. I have never swapped polishes because I'm new on the blogosphere. Thanks for the advice KarenD.
    Anyone interested ? ;)

  3. Maybe, but you'd need to tell a person what the name of the polish is. :) If you're on MakeupAlley, might want to check there first;someone might already have it on their swap list and be ready to go.

  4. This polish is called Elodie. I don't know MakeupAlley... I'm gonna check this site right now ;)


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