Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OPI - Catch Me In Your Net

Hey there !

Long time no post, sorry about that ! I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter ! I spent time with family and friends and... eat way too much ! Lol. Anyway, today I have for you a gorgeous polish which is discontinued. In my opinion it's one of the best shade OPI came up with since the last 2 years. Love the name too <3

CMIYN was released in the 2010 Summer Flutter collection along with 3 other shades. CMIYN was my absolute favorite of the bunch.

Stop talking, here's Catch Me In Your Net (2 coats):

Outdoors - with flash

Outdoor - with flash (in the sahde)

Outdoors - no flash (in the shade)

Outdoors - no flash (in the sun)
Isn't it gorgeous ? I love it. I'm maybe gonna layer some Black Shatter over this beauty later to go out tonight, what do you say ? I'll let you know how it turns out ! ;)

Take care


  1. This is the same color I am wearing today as well! I didn't know it was discontinued, thats a shame, it really is one of the best colors OPI has come out with! Its amazing that you got it so opaque in two coats! I usually have to do 3+ when I wear it alone. Today I have it layered over navy. My roommate has done it with black shatter on top and it looks awesome!!

  2. @Fiona: I know they should put this polish in the permanent line ! I'll try to layer it over navy I'm sure it will look amazing, thanks for the tip ! ;)

    @Olivia Frescura: you should try to get one bottle somewhere, I'm sure you would like this polish.

    @Olivia: I'm glad you like it ;)


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