Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So trilled !

Hey ladies !

I've just come back home from one of my dearest friend's and guess what I've found ? A package from the lovely Olivia over at Olivia Frescura Blog. She's the first person I arrange a swap with on MUA. She was also the owner of the first product I ever look for on MUA... that's right... nail polish ! Zoya in... Elodie (now you know my first name !).

I finally got her package and I couldn't be happier ! Everything she chose for me is PERFECT. So funny, we don't really know each other but she got me some amazing products I wanted to try, she couln't be more right !

She had a great idea for this swap: sending each other some candies from our country (YUMMY !) and a postcard from our city. That's what we did and look at what I found in the box:

Look at all those candies ! Beside from Zoya - Elodie, she surprised me with OPI - Big Hair... Big Nails and Wet'n Wild - Gray's Anatomy both of wich were on my wishlist. So sweet ! You can see that she also send me an E.L.F brush (I swear while I was putting my make-up on to go out tonight I was telling myself I need more eye makeup brush !) and a body spray from Bath and Body work which smells awesome.

Doesn't this look like the perfect swap ?! I certainely think so.

Please go check her blog out and her makeup channel on YouTube, she does some really great tutorials. Oh and she entered a beauty contest so please go vote for her here.
Now about my mani, I added some Black Shatter and here's the result (sorry about the  shrinkage):

Sooooo, that's it for tonight I guess. It's like almost 2 a.m here so I'm off to bed now.
Thanks for stopping by.

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