Monday, April 11, 2011

Poor forgotten polish

Hey lovelies !

How are you today ? I'm really excited 'cause I got an email from Annelise over at LastLash telling me I was the winner of her giveaway ! Yeaaaah ! I love giveaways ;)

Today I have for you a polish that was in my lovely best friend's stash for a long long time. To much time in my opinion because this one is a real beauty ! I didn't manage to get outdoors pics in the sun but I'll try tomorrow.

This beauty has a lame name... n° 278. This is a Kiko polish, it applied well in two coats. It shines like crazy in the sun (sorry you can see that on my pics. You have to trust me on that I guess).

Here goes:

It's lighter and more pink in real life actually. What do you think of it ? Do you own some Kiko polishes ?

Hey S. now that you've seen my swatches, I hope you're going to wear this baby ! Shame on you for not having tested in sooner ! ;) Luv ya. xoxo

So, have a nice evening everyone,
Come back soon !


  1. Love it! And no, I don't have any Kiko, I haven't seen it anywhere in the Netherlands.

  2. This looks just like Zoya Hope! Really pretty <3


  3. @intootje: I'm glad you do. It's an italian brand so hopefully they will sell in our coutries soon ;)

    @Summer: too bad I don't own any Zoya. Can't compare ;(

  4. OH WOUHAOU!!!! You're right! Shame on me!!! He looks amazing... I have to try it very soon!! I hope I'll have time tonight to do my mani and try your OPI-Hot and Spicy!!!! See U tomorrow for our Cupcakes break!! Love U XOXO

  5. I love Kiko! I regret so much not purchasing more polishes last time I was in Italy!


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