Thursday, April 14, 2011

Orly - Pixie Dust

Hey everyone !

Today I have for you a gorgeous polish: Orly - Pixie Dust from the 2009 Once Upon A Time collection. It's a pale blue/gray with silver shimmer, two coats here (but maybe I've should have done a third coat just to be sure). Lucky me, it's sunny out here today so I can take proper pics ;)

Outdoor - no flash

Outdoor - with flash

The only other polish I own from this collection is Mirror Mirror. You can see the post here. Do you like gray nail polish ? In my opinion this one is perfect for pre-spring, not too pastel, not too gray.

Do you like Orly polishes ? I got only one polish from the Precious collection. Can you guess which one is it ?

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I already told you yesterday... I LOVE IT!! But not as much as the cupcakes ;) LOVE U!! XOXO

  2. holy crap thats such a great color!!!

  3. @FashionPolish: thank you ! Nice to see you around here ;)

    @S: ahahah love the cupcakes too. I ate a little bit of my Mom's for lunch. YUMMY ! Love you. xoxo

    @Lauren: I know !! It's gorgeous ! I've already worn it three times...which says a lot about how much I love this one. Go get it girl ! ;)


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