Friday, July 1, 2011

Let's Meet, shall we ?

Hey everyone,

How are you doing ? I hope you're enjoying those first days of summer. Sorry about le lack of post, I couldn't find my camera ! I also took some exams... but now it's over and I officialy have a Master of Law ;). That's probably not so interesting for you to know so let's get into what really matters here: nail polish !

Now that summer is finally here, I really like to wear bright colors. Today I'm rocking Sinful Colors - Let's Meet. I won this in a giveaway hosting by Dionela over at Short and Sweet Nails so don't forget to go check out her blog and follow 'cause she's doing an awesome job !

Let's Meet is a yellow shimmer polish which is a bit on the sheer side. I used 3 coats on the pics. Despite the sheerness, I have to admit that I quite like that color. Maybe next time, I'll try to layer it over a yellow creme polish for more intensity.

Outdoors (in the sun) - no flash

Outdoors (in the sun) - no flash

The application was good, I like the brush, it allows a precise application. My mom bought a SC polish when we were in the States 2-3 years ago and the brush seemed thiner. I don't know if it's just me or what but if it's really a new brush, I like it better.

What do you feel about yellow polish for summer ? Any opinion on Let's Meet ? Also don't forget to enter our 150 follower giveaway ! 

Take care.


  1. Oooh! I bought this one, but I hate how it looks on me. It looks much sunnier and beautiful on you!

  2. Everyone is getting yellow polish..I think I need to join the bandwagon. It looks really pretty! Walgreen's actually sells a ton of different colors of the Sinful brand but I haven't yet picked any up.

  3. Looks like sunshine at your fingertips!

  4. yellow is definitely in for this summer, i love this colour, it would probably pop even more layered over white!


  5. @Larie: Have you tried to layer it ? Maybe you would like it better ;)

    @Katie Abshier: One of my favorite yellow polish is actually Essie - Shorty Pants. I need to post about it. What about OPI - The It Color ? Or China Glaze - Lemon Fizz ?

    @Melissa Birch: Thank you ;) Looking at my tips really makes me feel the summer is here

    @Irishenchantment: good idea ! I will try to layer it over yellow and over white ! Thanks for the tip !

    PS: I really enjoy reading your comments and ideas ! Thanks a lot ladies ! <3

  6. Cute color! Perfect for Summer! :)

  7. love the yellow, and the price of the SC's! haha

    congrats on the law degree also, I can imagine how much work that took!!!

  8. that's pretty! I love yellows for summer.

    congrats on the degree my dear...we have to plan our special birthday swap! <3

  9. @LipGlossGossip: I think so too ! ;)

    @Lauren: Thanks hon ! I'm a little bit sad that it's over now...
    I've seen some SC in Switzerland and they cost something like 9$ can you believe it ?!

    @Alexa1202: Thanks ! ;)

    @Olivia Frescura: Thanks sweety ! I'm gonna send you an email ASAP so we can plan everything ;) <3


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