Monday, July 25, 2011

One coater ahead !

Hello ladies,

How are you doing ? It's freezing out there you have no idea ! I'm all into dark polish these days. Seems like fall is already here. :( The good news is that I have a ONE COATER for you today ! The application was flawless.  And the color is absolutely GORGEOUS ! 

The polish I'm talking about is no other than H&M - Envy Me. Here are the pics:

Look at that amazing teal flash ! What do you think ? Pretty huh ?! Have you tried some H&M polishes ? They're really good quality polishes. Do you have a favorite one I should try ? Let me know !

Take care and have a lovely week !


  1. I love one coaters! This one is beautiful too! :)

  2. I envy you cuz this color is just gorgeous!


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