Monday, February 21, 2011

We finally get something that Americans don't ;)

Hello dear readers,

Today I have for you something special ! ;)

This is an OPI Monoprix Exclusive polish (Monoprix is a french retailer). This polish is called From Monop With Love! which I think is a cute name. Actually, I have to say that I bought this polish the other day when I was in south of France mostly because it's an exclusive polish and because of the name. Still the color is pretty but not unique. It's a deep red with a hint of pink in it... makes me think of raspberries.

The application was flawless as I expected from OPI's formula and it was opaque in two coats but I think I could have been good to go in only one if I had been more focused ;)

Bottle pic

Outdoors - with flash

By a window - no flash (maybe the most acurate pic)

By a window - with flash
How do you like this polish ? Do you ladies buy polish because of the name ? Or because it's an exclusive ou limited edition ?

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  1. I can see the hint of berry in it; nice! I have bought or swapped for some polishes because of their names, like the Chicago collection ones from OPI since I grew up in that area.

  2. I'm glad you can see the berry in this one, I'm not really used to swatches pics yet so I was afraid the color wouldn't be accurate ;)


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