Saturday, February 5, 2011

Layering experiment

Hi gals,

How is everyone ? The week-end has started really quitely for me, I'm not really doing anything, just relaxing and chilling now that the exams are done.

Anyway... tonight I'm going to a dinner with my law school friends (boys only...lucky me !) and I wanted a little bit of sparkle or something on my nails... So I layered one coat of Orly - Space Cadet over my current mani (OPI - William Tell Me About OPI) and here's the result:

The duochrome effect isn't so visible on my pics but in real life it's gorgous, I can't stop looking at my nails ;)
I haven't worn Space Cadet alone yet so I can't compare but I quite like it layered.

Do you guys own Space Cadet ? It was a 2010 must have but I didn't order it at the time, I was not sure if I was really going to like it. Now I'm really glad my lovely sis found it in Switzerland (which is a little miracle !) and bought it. ;)

Have a nice week-end !


  1. Awesome! I love this combo! Hope you had fun at your boys-only dinner ;)

  2. Actually yes I did ! They're always really nice with me, I'm a lucky girl ;)

  3. Wow, great combo! I thought it was Zoya Valerie before I read the name. :) I have Space Cadet too, wore it a few days ago - love it!

  4. @Blu11: I don't have any Zoya actually... I can't get them in sad ! I love Space Cadet too, but I wish it was less sheer. Thanks for joining us ! Come back soon ;)


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