Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A big step and a polish to go with it...

Hey there !

I'm so sorry for the lake of post lately... I've been quite busy ! I had my first job interview and I was pretty nervous (in Switzerland you have to do a two year internship after your studies to become a lawyer...) . Of course, I couldn't go without any polish on but I couldn't wear a bright polish in a law firm either so I chose a more work appropriate one... Here is OPI - Pink-ing Of You. It's a very sheer baby pink creme that needed three coats at least (I can still see some VNL). It's a cute color but I think that next time I'll choose a beige/nude polish instead. This one seems to pinky for me.

Indoors by a window

Outdoors with flash

So guys what do you think of this one ? Is it a keep or a pass ? I really need something bold and flashy after this manucure... Do you have to wear work appropriate polishes ? Or are you part of the lucky ones who can wear whatever they want ?

Thanks for reading


  1. I'm over pinks like this for right now. I can wear what I like at work, which is very nice. I used to work in an accounting firm where very conservative was the rule; I wore a lot of nude and pearl and sheers.

  2. @KarenD: It's not my cup of tea either but I felt more comfortable wearing a soft pink polish. Thanks for stopping by ! ;)


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