Monday, February 28, 2011

''Bogie'' Woogie

Hello dear readers,

I hope this week has started nicely for everyone. For the first manicure of the week I've chosen China Glaze - Bogie from the Vintage Vixen Collection. I have to say I wasn't trilled by that collection at the time it came out. I only got Bogie and Jitterburg. It feels like most of the colors of this collection have an old-fashion touch  (I guess that's why they called it Vintage Vixen... ahah) that I don't like so much.

Anyway, here's Bogie:

Outdoors - with flash
Outdoors - no flash

Outdoors - with flash
Of course the application was smooth, no problem here, thanks China Glaze. Bogie is a nice silver/eggplant frost that covers great in two coats.

There's absolutely no sun here today, it's only cold and windy so I wasn't abe to take a sunny pic, sorry about that gals.

What about you ? Did you enjoy the Vintage Vixen Collection ? Which polish was your favorite ?  Maybe I should give them a try ! ;)

Come back soon !


  1. I didn't get any off this collection but this is a pretty wearable colour. Did you get any off the new collection?

  2. @Beauty shades: No, I try to resist from ordering something... lol but I need a crackle polish at least ;) and maybe a sorbet from OPI... and maybe Ahoy and Below Deck from China Glaze... and maybe a few polishes from Misa - Whishes collection... and maybe... Oh God ! You see why I can't go to or to ??! LOL

    What about you ? Which one did you get ?
    Thanks for stopping by
    Take care

  3. What an amazing color! Looks like chG Joy, which I'm wearing right now :)

    New follower! maybe you can comment my blog as well :)?!

  4. I only have the ahoy. I would love to get the crackle white and blue. I normally buy nail polishes when they are on sale because is a lot of difference on the price. That is why normally my swatches are not from new colours:)

  5. @Tessa : I'm gonna check yours ASAP ;) thanks for stopping by.

    @Beauty shades: I totally get it. I live in Switzerland and we only get OPI, Essie and a few Orly here and they are overpriced ! And the shipping costs from the USA to Switzerland are huge. :( Where do you live ?


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