Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hey ladies !

Hope everyone's fine ! I would like to show you yesterday's NOTE (Nails of the evening... 'cause I had chip wears really quickly). Here's Orly - Iron Butterfly which is a matte charcoal with silver shimmers from the Metal Chic Metallic Matte Collection.

I love this polish, it's so edgy, covers well in two coats, dries very fast, gorgeous with top coat (I've heard it's a dupe for OPI - Baby It's Coal Outisde, but I don't have that polish to compare...) and so on...The only bad thing is the wearing issue ! I haven't been able to wear it more than half a day.

(All the pics have been taken inside with artificial light)
Do you like matte polish ? Or does it looks weird ? I always choose matte polish when I'm in a hurry and need to get ready to go quickly (yes I'm the kind of girl who feels naked without polish on.... hello freak ! lol)


  1. Me too ! ;) I love it even more with top coat !

  2. Sometimes i have the same problem i love a colour but only last me a day, is kind of weird. On the swatch it really looks a gorgeus matte. I don't have any black matte :)

  3. I don't normally like matte polishes, but I thnk that this one looks amazing! It doesn't seem totally flat, and it' got some dimension to it :)

  4. Tu as raison, la version du craquer blanc sera dans la version "Glam de serena williams" qui sort au même moment. Désolé de l'erreur, merci de l'avoir notifier

  5. @BeautyShades: Have you tried Orly Bonder ? I should try it, maybe it will last longer then.

    @Caitlin: I'm glad u like it ! This one is really a special matte polish. Thanks for following, I'm a huge fan of your blog ! ;)

    @Veronica: donc OPI a prévu un craquelé blanc ?!! C'est bon à savoir ! Le choix était un peu restreint à coté de ceux de China Glaze. Il faut que je les essaie, depuis le temps qu'ils me font de l'oeil ! ;)


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