Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hey ladies !

Today I have for you my very first franken... well technically it's not my creation only, it was a commun effort of my best friend S and I.

What the story behind that franken you probably ask ? When we don't get out to dinner, S and I love to spend the evening at home, reading fashion magazines, drinking green tea, and.... getting our nails done ! S bought Essie - Bright Tights a few monthes ago and wasn't pleased with it at all. The polish was so sheer, it was impossible to build up the color. It's weird because I've seen some swatches online and it seems to be fine in three coats. Anyway, we figured that if we can't use that polish we should make a franken of it.

The result ? A very pretty coral jelly with a subtle orange shimmer, perfect now that sorbet polishes are in...

The recipe ? We can't really remember everything we put in this one but there was some Pink (MAC - Steamy from the Hello Kitty Collection ), some Red (Essie - Tomboy No More), some Yellow (Essie - Shorty Pants), some glitter top coat (Essence) and of course the sheerest orange ever Essie - Bright Tights. S can you remember some other stuff we added ?

I have to say I'm pretty proud of the result we get for our very first franken. It's not bad at all. Take a look:
Indoors - by a window

Outdoors - with flash

Outdoors - with flash

Indoors - Do you see the orange shimmer ?

Outdoors - with flash
This is two coat of... well we should find a name for this one... Anyway, the application was easy however the formula was a bit watery. I love that sort of color. What do you think ?  And do you have issue with Bright Tights ? Have you ever made a franken ? Any tips ?Comments and thoughts are welcomed ! ;)

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  1. OUAHOU L!!! We are geniuses!! This color's perfect! I can't wait to try it in our next manucure evening watching new fashion reports!!!
    I'm already thinking about the color of my manucure for my trip in London this week-end!! What about red?!? Maybe OPI-Red my fortune cookie?!? It's so London isn't it?!?
    Love U!

  2. It's pretty I know ! ;) You should make an appointment @wah-nails ! You need a funky mani for London ! Maybe a skittles mani or a glitters and crackle one ? Can't wait to see u doll. Love u. XOXO


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