Thursday, March 17, 2011

Accent mani

Hello ladies,

How is everybody doing ? It's really dark and cloudy out here today. I'm staying at home trying to work on my thesis which doesn't seem to inspire me...

Anyway today's NOTD is an accent mani. I love glitter polishes but I can't really stand the removing process...such a pain in the ***. That's why I think glitter accent manis are a nice alternative: you get to wear glitter polish with minimum trouble.

I used two polishes from my best friend's collection for this one. Thanks S ! ;) This is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark (2 coats... I love this polish so much !) and OPI - Sparkle-icious for the accent (3 coats and then 2 coats of SV).

Let's have a look:

Outdoors - with flash

Outdoors - no flash

Outdoors - with flash
What do you think ? I like this one a lot. What is your favorite accent combo ? I should try some more !

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