Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby it's sunny outside

Hello ladies

I hope everyone is fine. Sorry I didn't have time to post sooner ! Anyway today I have for you a gorgeous polish from my bestfriend's collection: OPI - Baby It's Coal Outside (from the 2008 Holiday in Toyland collection). S was lucky to find this baby in south of France ;)

For those of you who are regular readers, you may know that I love black/vampy polishes... I couln't help but love this one ! It's gorgeous. Application was flaweless like always with OPI  and opaque in two coats.

Other news: I have finally discovered MUA and there's gonna be two swaps very soon, I'm excited. You'll see some pics very soon ! I may get some of my lemmings ;)

Anyway here's the polish:

Outdoors - no flash (in the sun)

Outdoors - no flash (in the shade)

Outdoors - with flash
I'll be posting some swatches from the swap with Lauren very soon ! They're all amazing !!!

So tell me what do you think of this one ? I'm off to law school right now, I'm gonna be late...
Have a great day everyone !

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!!! It's one of my favorite baby on my entire collection!!! See U soon S.


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