Monday, March 14, 2011


Hi ladies !

How are you today ? It's very sunny today out there so I chose an least a supposed holo. This is OPI - My Private Jet. You all know I'm sure that there are a least 4 différents versions of this one out there. I think I have the brown version which I hated the first time I tried. But it seems like I like it more and more each time I try it now. Even if it's not a charcoal holo madness like the first version, this color is pretty unique. And the application...flawless, opaque in two coats.

Outdoors - with flash
Outdoors - no flash
Outdoors - with flash
Do you have MPJ ? Are you a lucky owner of the original version ?

Come back soon !


  1. This is the version I have too. I'm wearing it on my toes and LOVE it... but still wish I had the original.

  2. Mine is this version too. I like it but it is not as gorgeous as the original one is.

  3. It's seems like it's the version that everyone has. We all wish to have the original aka ''holy grail'' ;)

  4. I love this colour! I believe that I have the new version, but I dont even care, it's still so pretty!


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