Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Going satin...uptdated with top coat !

Good morning (or evening...) dear followers,

Hope everyone is having a nice week.

I'm pretty excited because I'm planning on doing my first swap with the lovely Lauren over at Lacquer Addict and I have to say I can't wait to get my hands on the pretty polishes she got for me. Don't forget to check her blog and follow this new blogger ! ;)

Today's NOTD is Orly - Pruple Pleather from the Plastix Satin Finish collection. This is a cool blue-based purple polish that gets opaque in two coats. The formula was great although you have to be quick when applying it because it dries really quickly. Satin fnish is supposed to be just between glossy finish and matte finish but I can't see much a difference between satin and matte. Can you ?

I always choose matte/satin polish when I'm in a hurry or when I know I'm gonna change my mani a few hours after (because obviously satin/matte polishes don't last without chipping as long  as other finishes). That's right, I'm going to change my mani tonight when my bestfriend S. will come to my house and we'll enjoy our traditional ''Nail party''. So be prepared for another post tonight or tomorrow morning !

That being said let's have a look at what really matters : the polish. Here it is:

Outdoors (shade) - with flash
Outdoors (sun) - with flash
Outdoors (shade) - no flash

I hope you'll like it. I do anyway. It adds a little edgy-ness to my look of the day ;) Do you own polishes fom that collection ? What do you think of them ?

Have a great day everyone !


As many of you requested, here's what Purple Pleather looks like with a top coat on:

Indoors - with flash

Gorgeous right ?!


  1. Hi Sweety!!!! Very nice mani!!! Can't wait our Nail party tonight!!!!
    See U later!

  2. I love this colour! Very nice mani! Did you try btw how it would look like with topcoat?

  3. @S: as always I'm looking forward to see u ! ;) Love u.

    @intootje: I didn't actually. I put a sliver glitter top coat once and it was pretty. I think you're right, I have to show you this polish with topcoat. I'm gonna try to take some pics later but I'm pretty sure it would look great

  4. Ok, I am curious to see it with topcoat!

  5. I love the color of this one but I have a hard time saying I like it because I hate matte/satin finishes... I'd also like to see it with a top coat!

  6. great matte colour love it:)I normally don't use matte colours but still is a beautiful colour

  7. oh my gosh this polish is GREAT, I never really liked orly too much but that just may have changed. I love matte colorss, but this is the first one ever on my lemmings list!

  8. @intootje: so what do you think ?

    @Fiona: matte/satin finishes are not really my cup of tea either.

    @Beauty shades: I agree, the color is beautiful. I think I prefer this one with a top coat.

    @Lauren: I love Orly, I think they made pretty good polishes. The ones I own are great.
    Have you seen the teal one from that collection ? It's really pretty. I don't have it, I have the red one but a red matte polish is a bit


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