Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pimp My mani #1

Good morning dear followers !

First of all, royal_cyd and I would like to thank you all for being such great followers ! We can't believe we've reached 31 followers ! We're trilled, thank you so much ! ;)

Now the polish... for those of you who come here often you know that I get bored easily with a manicure and that I often try to renew my mani with layering or stampings. That's what I did today once again... and so I thought I could make a regular post of it. I've decided to call those posts Pimp My mani (lame I Do you think it's a good idea ? Are you interested in such posts ?

I was rocking two coats of China Glaze - Frostbite and when I saw this on Nidhira's blog I knew I have to give it a try. I had Essence - Glisten Up! for so long and never tried it so it was about time...

I added two coat of Glisten Up! on my current mani and voila, today's PMM:

Outdoors - direct sunlight

Outdoors - direct sunlight


It's really pretty and shiny, the green/teal flakies add a mermaid look to Frostbite that I love. Today it's sunny out there so the combo can really reveal itself, can't wait to get out of the house but for now I have to start my thesis in order to get my Master of Law. Exciting, right ?! :s

Let me know what you think about this combo and about the PMM posts ! I can't wait to hear your thoughts, ideas and comments.
Thanks for stopping by ! Have a nice sunday.


  1. I like your mani! And I would like to find this Essence for myself, do they still sell it, do you know?

  2. I'm not sure but I think Glisten Up! is part of the permanent collection so you could probably find it easily.
    I'll have a look next time I go shopping. Let me know if you find it !
    Take care

  3. Gorgeous combo! Love the close up.

    P.S: Glisten Up is going out of their permanent line... Get backups while you still can.

  4. @Annelise: thank you ;)

    @Nihrida: Thanks for the info ! I'll see if I can get a backup bottle next time when I'll be looking for the crackle and the holographic polishes that Essence is soon releasing ;)

  5. When are the new Essence polishes supposed to release? Do they have them in Germany already? Just asking as I am going to Germany next weekend...

  6. I've read somewhere that they will be released in March but I can't tell you about Germany cause I leave in Switzerland so I have no idea what's going on there ! ;) Go check Essence website, maybe you'll find a date or something ! Thanks for stopping by !

  7. I haven't seen them in the Netherlands yet (that is where I live) and I have seen also something about the new collection being released in March so I really hope to find something nice next week. Btw Switzerland is such a pretty country! I haven't been there much, just driven through and visited Lygano once but it was soooo beautiful!

  8. Oh you've been in Lugano ?! Can you believe I've never been there ? Lol I live in the french speaking part actually.
    I've never visited your country but I certainly would love to !
    Oh and I hope you'll find a lot of new polishes in Deutschland. Enjoy your trip !

  9. Yeah, I have been to Lugano, but just for a few hours. My own country is actually Finland but I live in the Netherlands since 10 years already. Thanks, I will be enjoying my shopping trip if I find something nice! :)


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