Saturday, March 12, 2011

Can you ride a horse ?

Hello there !

OK, so my NOTD is China Glaze - Side Saddle from the gorgeous Rodeo Diva Collection. This is a browned plum with gold shimmer that covers great in two coats. You know I love vampys... and this one is a really pretty one ! Love it.

So sad there's no sun today here so you can't really see the gold shimmer. My pictures don't do this one justice. Anyway here they are:

Outdoors - with flash

Outdoors - with flash
Outdoors - no flash
Although I love this one very much, my fav from the Rodeo Diva Collection is Wagon Trail. Which one is yours ?

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Have a very nice week-end


  1. Is this side saddle???? hehehe my one looks more brown(maybe is my screen) :) My favourite one from the collection is rodeo fanatic.

  2. I don't know sometimes it looks more brown, sometimes more cooper. I don't own Rodeo fanatic but I should. I've seen some swatches and it's soooo pretty !!!


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