Saturday, March 5, 2011

NOTD for a cold but sunny day

Hi there !

Today NOTD is China Glaze - Frostbite from the 2007 Ski Collection. Let me just say that this polish is amazing ! It pops and shines like crazy in the sun (yes there's sun today, can you believe it ?).

You can see two coats below. It was really watery so I had to do a lot of clean-up on my cuticles. I love this color, the only negative point here is that this polish smells really really bad ! I don't know what the problem is, maybe the formula or something. Do you guys have the same issue with this one ?

Outdoors - no flash

Outdoors - with flash

Outdoors - no flash
That's it for today, hope you liked it ! I'm going out now while it's still sunny !
Have a nice week-end !

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