Friday, March 4, 2011

A John Doe polish

Hey everyone !

It's finally the end of the week. Time flies like crazy. Do you guys have plans for the week-end ? I went skiing this afternoon, so I'll probably be watching series/checking blogs at home this evening.

Anyway, today I wore a dark green/teal polish from LCN. The name tag is missing but it's only a number, not a proper name. I hate when brands put numbers on products instead of trying to find a funny name or something... Don't you think they could make some efforts and name their products ?

LCN is an german brand. I used to have a few polishes from LCN which I absolutely adored. Actually they were ones of my first polishes. They were great. That's why I was a bit disappointed with this one. They change the bottle and the brush which is terrible and not easy to use at all because it's too short/too small as you can see.

Left: old bottle / Right: new bottle
Left: old brush / Right: new brush

As far as the application is concerned, I needed three coats, it was a little bit watery and the application was a bit difficult, mostly because of the brush.  Other low point: the chipping ! It's too bad cause the color is really gorgeous.  It has sort of a teal flash and little glitters.Take a look:

Outdoors - with flash

Outdoors - no flash

Do you see the shimmers and glitters ?

I really hope LCN will emprove their brush and go back to the old formula which was much better in my opinion. So, tell me what do you think of this one ? Do you like green polish ?

Have a nice week-end everyone !
Come back soon,

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  1. I like green polish. The colours are nice but in my opinion not a Uau colour :)


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