Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crackle attempt #2... failed !

Hey there !

What's up ? So yesterday evening S. came to my house. We had such a great time together. We packed all the stuffs for my first swap with Lauren and then we finally painted our nails. Here's the result of that mani evening:

This is two coats of China Glaze - Something Sweet from the Up and Away Collection (one of my favorite collection ever I have to say) with OPI - Black Shatter.

Do you like it ? I don't ! I managed to work with the crackle much better the first time around. See the post here (I was right, THAT was beginner's luck !). This time I ended up with different paterns on each nail which I don't appreciate at all. I should have let the polish dry a little bit more before layering it with BS. And I should have been more careful with the tickness of the coats... Too bad !

Be sure, there's gonna be a new mani very soon ! ;)

Have a great (evening) day you all !
Come back soon


  1. Hey L!!! What's up since yesterday?!? It was very hard for me to wake up this morning!!!!! My crakle is worse than'was not our Black Shatter's night!!!!
    See U soon.
    Love U

  2. Lol we totally failed our manis ! :( Talk to u soon ! Love u.

  3. Well, I am not too fond of crackle polishes in general so... I can't say I like it.

  4. i like it. I don't have the opi one, but the barry m that i have the first 2 times i use it was fine and after that was harder to work because it dry out a bit so is more thick now :)

  5. Oh I wouldn't call this a complete fail! I like the irregular cracks - it's like leopard print!

  6. How can you NOT like it?! It looks great!

  7. @intootje: How was your trip to Germany ? Did you find new polishes ? ;)

    @Beauty shades : It's weird how they get thick after very few application. Maybe some thinner will help ?!

    @GothamPolish: I had the impression to have leopard, girafle, turtle, etc prints on my nails ! Lol Like to whole jungle...

    @Annelise: I don't know, I prefer the crackle when the pattern is the same on each tip I guess. Glad u like though !

  8. I was looking for a couple of things for a swap and I bought a couple of Essence polishes too. My local shop is always out of the shades I want. For the rest, got some goodied for my doggies from Freshsnapf and some food stuff :) I didn't find a shop with Catrice though, that was a bit disappointing. I have locally too but sometimes the best shades are sold out.

  9. I bought my first crackles this month in Berlin -p2- and yes, it takes a while to get the hang of it.
    By the way, me and my sister also have a blog, LOL!


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